ASB Musicians
The Austin Symphonic Band's musicians represent a cross section of life in Austin, and all are volunteers. There are no auditions, but those interested in joining the band are invited to play in a rehearsal as a rehearsal guest and add their name to our applicant pool for review when an opening occurs in a section.

With musicians ranging in age from under 25 to over 70, ASB members demonstrate that making great music is a lifelong adventure, enriching lives and the community. We've listed them, and their "real" occupation, below.

*Blue indicates section leader

Music Director
Richard Floyd Music Director
Katie Bookout
Libby Cardenas Private clarinet instructor
Pei-Ju Chang
Karen Cross Communications Manager
Hank Frankenberg Retired 3M Manager
Richard Davis Band Director
Isidro Garcia
Byron Gifford Music Educator
Ramona Heard Admin. Assistant, retired (UIL)
Kirk Hays Professional pilot
Clifton Jones Band director
Ruth Lim Band Director
Scott Maynard
Emily Morris
Nancy Murphy Band Secretary (retired)
Nancy S North Mary Kay sales dir
Chris Angel Robles
Clary Rocchi Private Music Teacher
Sarah Sauceda
Jisi Tian
Emily Turner
Faith Weaver Cultural & Arts Education Coordinator
Beth Behning Flute Teacher
Wade Chiles Records mgmt
Kyndra Cullen iTunes Global Finance & Royalty Analyst
Shirley Cumby Retired
Nan Ellis Accounting Associate / Teacher (retired)
Cheryl Floyd Band director
Shirley Gauthier
Sally Grant IT Executive (retired)
Bailey Hughes
Linda Lininger Music Therapist
Beverly Lowak Sales Coordinator
Sara McGarry Band Director
Melody Richardson
Karen VanHooser IT project manager/retired
Kristi Wilson School Counselor
Sheila DeWitt
Susan Abbott Software consultant
Betsy Appleton Librarian
Michael Cohen
Nathan Harman
Eddie Jennings Retired
Bob Miller Architect (retired)
Steve Neinast Administrative Law Judge
Cindy Story Director of Human Resources
Brenagh Tucker Grant Administrator
Julie Jacob
Fred Behning Retired Sales/Marketing Professional
Kristen Mason Elec/computer engineer
Brittany Toll Assistant Manager
Bryan Chin-Foon
Jayme Nelson
Amanda Turley
Bass Clarinet
Kris Borman
Sharon Kojzarek CPA
Forrest Stanley-Stevens
Eric Bittner Trumpet instructor
Jonathan Bolton
Brett Bookout
Charlie Coward IT Specialist
David B Cross Band director
Wesley Ellinger Software Engineer
Gary Graser Band Director (retired)
George Greene Engineer
Kevin Jedele Band director
David Jones Consultant
Erin Knight Software Developer
Todd Lester Self-employed
Nathanial McReynolds Band director
Dan Scherer RN
Terry Todd Retired RN
Bruce Wagner Electrical Engineer
Hai Zhu
French Horn
Jillian Baaklini Band Director
Leslie Boerger Private Horn Instructor
Ron Boerger Config Management Lead Analyst
Chuck Ellis
Michael Good Business Analyst
Evan Kolvoord Retail Nursery worker
Keleigh Kretz Retail mgr/network admin
Marty Legé Consultant
Amy Murray Lead Paralegal
Jason Taylor
Carl Vidos
Uriel Reyes
Allan Adelman Engineering Project Manager
Tim DeFries Research chemist
Kristin Morris
Jerry Schwab Retired
Brandt Zook Band Director
M J Jadeja
Tuba / String Bass
Shawn Davis
Thomas Edwards Attorney
Raul Escobedo Band director
Scott Hastings Business mgr
Al Martin Development manager
Sarah Rose band director
David Warner
Francesco Petrogalli
John Bodnar Electrical Engineer
Jim Crandell Computer systems developer
Mike DeWitt
Mark Knight Auditor
Kyle Green Digital Hardware Engineer
Dale Lininger Volunteer Musician
Scott Mawdsley Chef
Donald McDaniel Dir. Financial Reporting
Richard Piskator Band Director (retired)
Paul Putman Physician
Ken Riley Software Engineer
Alan Cline UT Professor
Jana Davis
Tamara Milliken Galbi Attorney
Lorena Garcia Electrical Engineer
Bill Haehnel Band director
Lindsey Hicks Dermatologist
Ryan Thomas Teacher
Christopher Vlasek
Robert Ward Architect
Executive Director
Amanda Pierce