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Help Support ASB Through Amplify Austin
D. Jones

February 24, 2016
Amplify Austin Day is an initiative to increase philanthropy in Central Texas through online giving. There are 24 hours to \\\"give where you live\\\" to a cause you care about and a city you love, ASB and Austin!

Your gift is amplified through the incentive pool and exciting incentive prizes. Amplify Austin has gathered a pool of money and exciting gifts to be distributed to Austin non-profits.

Here\\\'s how it works: For 24 hours, 6 pm March 8 to 6 pm March 9, donors go online and make a donation. Amplify Austin distributes a percentage of their donated funds to participating non-profits based on the percentage of total donations for the 24-hour period brought in by that organization. You can donate TODAY and indicate on the donation site that you want your donation to be active on March 20.

Click on the More Information link below to go to the ASB Amplify Austin webpage and make your donation. Be sure you schedule the donation to occur on March 8, 2016 - Amplify Austin Day. Donate between 8-9pm on Tuesday March 8th and ASB could win a Bass Booster Prize for most donations, or highest amount raised during that hour!