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The Stars Come Out

October 3, 2016
The Austin Symphonic Band presents its 2016-17 season, entitled "The Stars Come Out." The featured soloists started their musical studies in Austin-area public schools and ultimately rose to national prominence in major symphonies or as recording artists.

Stephen Williamson
Principal Clarinet of the Chicago Symphony

November 13, 2016
Concert Information

Stephen Williamson is the principal clarinetist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He was formerly the principal clarinetist of both the New York Philharmonic (2013-14) and the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra (2003-11). Mr. Williamson will be performing the Concertino in E-Flat Major, Op. 26, for Clarinet with wind band accompaniment by Carl Maria von Weber.

Tito Carrillo
Professor of Jazz Trumpet at the University of Illinois

February 19, 2017
Concert Information

Tito Carrillo is the long time "First Call" jazz trumpet recording artist in Chicago and currently Associate Professor of Jazz Trumpet at the University of Illinois. He will perform Dreaming of The Masters III for Jazz trumpet and wind band accompaniment by Allan Gilliland.

Clint Foreman
Flute, Boston Symphony

April 2, 2017
Concert Information

Clint Foreman is currently Second Flute with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Formerly a member of the New World Symphony, Clint has also performed with the Houston Symphony, Austin Symphony, Houston Grand Opera, Houston Ballet, and the Florida Grand Opera.